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Student-Centered Interventions to Support All Students: MiniPD Coaches in Conversation
Executive function (EF) skills are the core cognitive skills for nurturing independent and successful young people, and for managing stress and lifelong wellbeing. What practical activities and strategies can we use to support all our students? How can we design personal interventions to address the needs of individual students whose executive skills challenges either impact their behaviour in the classroom or their abiilty to profit from instruction? How can a multi-tiered support system add value and connect to your current practice?

In this 60 minute session, Dr. Peg Dawson, author of best selling Smart but Scattered book series, will share some of her knowledge about executive skills and student-centered intervention design so we can support all our students to be successful from early childhood and primary years through to middle school, IGCSE, IBDP, A-level years, and beyond.

Dr. Dawson will be joined in conversation by Shannon Raybold, Program Administrator for Multnomah Early Childhood Program, MiniPD Coach and Course Developer, and Haakon Gould, Service Learning Coach and MiniPD Coach.

Key words: Sustained Attention; Task Initiation; Metacognition; Environment; Incentives; Motivators; Interventions; Multi-Tiered Support Systems.

Dec 15, 2022 03:00 PM in Universal Time UTC

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Dr. Peg Dawson
Dr. Peg Dawson In over 40 years of clinical practice, Dr. Peg Dawson has worked with thousands of children and teens who struggle at home and in school. At the center of their struggles are often weak executive skills. Along with her colleague, Dr. Richard Guare, she has written numerous books on this topic for educators, mental health professionals, and parents, among them Smart but Scattered, Smart but Scattered Teens, Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents, and Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits. Peg is also a past president of the National Association of School Psychologists, and the International School Psychology Association, and is a recipient of NASP’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Shannon Raybold
Shannon Raybold Shannon has been in the field of education for over 20 years. She has supported children and adults with special needs in public and private schools around the world, in addition to owning a private educational consulting practice. She is currently a Program Administrator for Multnomah Early Childhood program, which provides special education services to over 3,000 children ages birth-5 years old. Shannon is also working on her doctorate in Special Education leadership. She is an advocate for students and teachers and believes that through supporting teachers, we can better support students. Shannon is thrilled to be a part of the MiniPD team!
Haakon Gould
Haakon Gould Haakon believes in the importance of community as a concept that underpins professional practice in a range of contexts. As a teacher in the MYP (Individuals & Societies) and DP (Global Politics), he strives to build relationships with students by creating a learning environment where students feel a sense of belonging. During his time as Grade Level Leader, planning revolved around building rapport among Advisors and the students. As a Head of Department & Service-Learning Coach – he prioritizes developing certain competencies among his peers. Having accumulated nearly a decade of international teaching experience, and undertaken a variety of leadership roles, he realizes the importance of leveraging the expertise of others. Most recently, he shared his knowledge on service learning with the Education Consortium of Service Learning (ESCL), written an article in the International Schools Magazine, and approved presenter for ACAMIS and the IB Global Conference at the Hague.