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Feature Focus webinar: Communicate effectively with your school community
- Is your parent communication working as effectively as you would like it to?
- Do you know what your parents really want from school communication?
- Are your teams able to present communications in an engaging way?
- How long does it take your teams to prepare and circulate your communications?
- Would you like a time-saving solution?
- Do your staff and parents need easier access to school communications?
- Would you like fewer parent calls to the school?

Parents are a vital part of your school community, and effective communication with them is of paramount importance to your smooth day-to-day running. We all understand the benefits of good school-to-home communications, but is your school achieving this or could you make your parent community even happier?

Join our SchoolsBuddy experts on this informative webinar session where we will discuss:
- The benefits of good school-to-home communication (there are many more than you may have thought of!)
- Why digital communication really matters
- What the best form of digital communication is for your staff and parents
- Key areas parents need to know about
- How to keep your parent community informed at all times
- How to improve your parent communications and keep them happy

You will also have the chance to put your own questions live, to our experts during the session.

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