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SchoolsBuddy Feature Focus Webinar: ECA organisation and sign-up: First come, first served or preference based?
Are you running a successful and complex programme of ECAs and events?
Does the organisation of these fill your team and your parents with dread?
Does the sign-up process result in unhappy parents and students and stressed staff?

You are not alone!
Join your peers and colleagues from the international school community for this informative webinar where the SchoolsBuddy experts will take you through the pros and cons of both first come, first served and preference/choice based sign-up methods and which one might be better for your school and parents.

You’ll have the chance to hear about the experiences of other leading international schools and learn how they solved their sign-up dilemmas, saving their team and parents time and headaches.

The result? Happier parents, students and staff.

You will also have the chance to put your own questions to our experts. Register now!

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