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An Easier and More Efficient Re-Enrolment Process
How can you save time, maximise revenue, and address the pinch points associated with your re-enrolment process? OpenApply’s robust set of enrolment tools, analytics and dashboards achieves all of the above.

In this webinar, Matt Craig from our admissions team will discuss the challenges faced by many international schools for whom re-enrolment can be a time and labour intensive process, particularly when dealing with a transient population at the tail end of a global pandemic.

Afterwards, Tom Kirby, our Customer Success Manager, will demonstrate the key features within OpenApply that solve the aforementioned challenges, including:

Bulk re-enrolment reminder emails
The re-enrolment dashboard, and
Enrolment analytics

We will conclude with a question and answer session where you can ask questions directly to the OpenApply team.

Webinar Timeline:

3 minutes introduction - Marketing
15 minutes Presentation by Matt Craig on re-enrolment challenges/pinch points etc.
15 minute demonstration of open (demo and the FAB) - Tom Kirby
10 minutes Questions and Answers to the Panel (Matt, Tom)
2 minutes closing/thank you - Marketing


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